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Hello lovely people ツ

So I’ve decided to move this blog for reasons that are way too complicated and far boring to explain, so I will save you that pain ;)

…but I just wanted to let you guys know so that you can come and continue *following* me over there …and of course, I can then hit you back with a *follow* from my new pottering home…

Looking forward to seeing you over there > https://theartofpottering.wordpress.com

The Happy Little Potterer 🐝🌿


One for the bee lovers and their bees 🐝💛

Well this article just made me a very happy bee …and I’ll certainly be making one or two * bee baths * for my garden bees!


Article > http://www.intelligentliving.co/make-bee-waterer-help-hydrate-pollinators



Dandelion Sunshine 🌻

Found these guys brightening up my local community compost area this morning. 

Just tucked away in the corner.

Minding their own business. 

Being beautiful. 



Project Terrace! 🌲

I have just spent the most lovely hour or so, both in the garden and in the fine fine company of my Dad  ❤️

I’ve decided to build a small terrace into the rather neglected bank that sits at the front of my garden by my flat. I really want to make something of this area especially as right now there is also a big blank wall that is just begging to be decorated with plants and the like …and perhaps even with a lick of paint.  It’s an amazing sun spot too so my plants will be *very* happy to hear of these new plans!

This is also my first official attempt at landscaping. I figure …how hard can it be?!

Well, we shall see… and of course, I shall keep you all posted ☺️



…a little basket full of * thank you * 💛

When I moved to my last flat this time last year, I ended up with no sofa as for two hours, try as they might, the movers could just not make it fit through the front door. So my Mum and Dad’s lovely lovely neighbour said we could store it in her garage until I could so very sadly sell it. Sad, because it really was the greatest of sofas. For not only was it a sofa but it was a sofa bed that was honest to God the most comfortable bed and to make it all the more amazing, I had found it in a local charity shop for £75 – looking like new! My Mum googled the make and found that when actually bought new, they are £1000! So it really was a great and lucky find and my money went to charity rather than to IKEA. And I was very happy with all of that.

So that was a sad moment this time last year but this time this year, with this new move that has been over-flowing with happy things …the sofa fit! Luckily I hadn’t gotten round to selling it. I had made a vague attempt last summer but due to one thing or another and also because I’d had a sneaky feeling that I wasn’t going to be living for long at that flat, as it quickly unraveled into one problem after another… said lovely neighbour had held onto it for me and THIS time it fit! There was a bit of sawing off of parts and then piecing them back together involved but this time… IT FIT!

So I’ve made a little basket full of * thank you * …for lovely lovely Jill, for giving my sofa bed a roof over its head for the last year. 💛



…with a lot of help from an old friend! 🍁

One of the many exciting discoveries that I have made in the happy four weeks since I moved to my new home, is that the long alien-like spindly budded sticks that are growing out of the bank by my patio are in fact, very fastly growing Sycamore trees.

Apparently that is not something you want to leave growing for too long. Unless of course you are trying to grow Sycamore trees. In which case “…as you were!”  

Luckily for me, I have an old friend who has both the knowledge to know a Sycamore shooting when he sees one and the strength to dig it and its many nearby friends …up! 🍁